The shift to a mobile-first world comes as no surprise, as COVID-19 is pushing the pace of change even further and mobile transactions under lockdown become the new normal. There are now 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. This shift is also reflected in marketing as mobile advertising spend grew 26% year-on-year to $240 billion.

However, where there is a revenue boom, there is fraud.

The digital ecosystem is so complex, allowing fraudsters to hide at multiple points in the supply chain and use their position to game the system. The entire mobile marketing ecosystem is threatened. End users get fraudulently charged. Mobile operators suffer from damaged brand credibility, customer complaints and lost revenues. Advertisers invest their marketing budgets in fraudulent traffic sources. Merchants lose brand reputation and eventually their business. DCB aggregators risk market erosion.

All stakeholders must be aware of the different fraud techniques and risks in this ongoing battle. Sophisticated scams demand for sophisticated solutions. Check the infographic below and discover the 6 killer ways to protect your business from fraud.

For a more in-depth analysis download the white paper “Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content” developed by Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s DCB for Growth, which brings together representatives from every part of the mobile content value chain to help better educate the market. Upstream’s Secure-D, the company’s full stack anti-fraud platform, is a proud member of MEF and helps in sharing valuable security insights. Click here to download the full whitepaper. 

Do not miss also our latest Mobile Ad Fraud & Malware Report that examines how mobile ad fraud has advanced since the pandemic and how this affects mobile operators, end-users, and everyone in between in the most hard-hit developing markets. Download it here.

manage fraud infographic