A top-rated Android app for file sharing and storage, 4shared, hides suspicious background activity. 4shared has been delivering bogus ads to user devices that generate fake views, clicks and purchases; then reports falsified engagement metrics back to advertising networks. The ads are never seen by users and don’t actually appear on screen.

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A popular Android application for video downloading, VidMate, with over 500m downloads triggers suspicious background activity. A hidden component within the app delivers invisible ads, generates fake clicks and purchases, installs other suspicious apps without consent and collects personal users’ information. Consequently, it depletes users’ data allowance and brings unwanted charges.

Read More → is an advanced malware designed to siphon a lot of data and attempt fraudulent transactions. Malware has been found pre-installed on Alcatel Android devices manufactured by TCL Corporation, a Chinese tech firm known for making the Alcatel and Blackberry devices.

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Com.rock.gota is a powerful malware that wreaks havoc in developing countries.This type of malware comes pre-installed on low-end smartphones and incorporated into Android apps, being primarily designed to display download software, adverts and to collect confidential information.

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